Get “ACE”d

Get “ACE”-d

Become an Agent of Change for E-waste (ACE)

In July 2022, ALBA E-Waste and ITE College officially launched launched the Micro-Learning Course on Circular Green Economy and the Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) programme.

The MLCs aim to build awareness and participation in Singapore's e-waste recycling ecosystem, established under the Resource Sustainability Act (RSA). The curriculum will enhance the environmental education landscape while providing opportunities for students and the public to learn critical knowledge on electrical and electronics equipment (EEE) waste management. Topics covered by the MLCs includes global regulations on e-waste, impacts of e-waste, local initiatives, e-waste recycling process and current domestic regulations.

At the end of the learning series, the participant will undergo an assessment to be certified in the ALBA E-Waste’s Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) programme. The ACE programme functions as the outreach arm following the participants’ completion of the MLCs.

Interested participants can collaborate with ALBA E-Waste to organize events such as outreach talks to engage their stakeholders on the topic of e-waste, thus forming an active ACE in their community. As part of our programme, participants will be provided with the necessary resources to become a representative on e-waste in Singapore. For example, logistical support for the organization of a community engagement event.

This programme is free and applicable for those whose work would require them to communicate to their stakeholders on e-waste. For example, an educator or an NGO.

If interested, click on The Circular Green Economy learning series here today!

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