Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

If you have a question that is not answered in the below, you can reach us at

What type of E-Waste is regulated and accepted for recycling by ALBA E-Waste?

Regulated E-Waste can be broken down into 2 categories - Consumer and Non-Consumer E-Waste. To find out which category your E-Waste falls under, click here.

Do note that not all E-Waste are regulated under the Resource Sustainability Act (RSA).

Where can I recycle Non-Regulated E-Waste?

For Non-Regulated E-Waste, do check if the E-Waste is still in working condition. If yes, we would recommend for you to send it for any necessary repair or refurbishment before continuing to use it until the end of the product life cycle. If the E-Waste cannot be utilised anymore, you can bring it down to ALBA WH’s Cash-for-Trash (CFT) stations deployed in the Jurong sector. Alternatively, you can search online for the nearest CFT stations to you and check in with your Public Waste Collector to see if they accept regulated E-Waste.

Not all non-regulated E-Waste are collected at CFTs, for e.g. CDs, DVDs, cassettes, electric tooth brush and charger, etc. are not collected at CFTs. Please check with your respective Public Waste Collector to see what is accepted at their CFT stations.

Where can I recycle my Regulated E-Waste?

You can recycle your Regulated E-Waste through a variety of channels provided by ALBA E-Waste.

For batteries, bulbs, and smaller ICT equipment, you may deposit them in our E-Bins which are deployed across Singapore. Click here to find the location of the E-Bin nearest to you.

Do note that you do not have to purchase anything at the stores in order to use the E-Bins.

For larger Regulated E-Waste, you may contact us to arrange for doorstep collection, bring it down to our collection drives, drop it off at our depot (Address: 20 Tuas Loop), arrange 1-1 take-back collection with the retailer or contact your local town council to arrange for bulky E-Waste removal.

What do I need to do as a producer and/or retailer of Regulated E-Waste?

Under the RSA and as part of the Extended Producer Responsibility approach (EPR), producers of regulated electrical and electronic products will be made responsible for the collection and proper treatment of their E-Waste. Retailers of regulated consumer products are also expected to take part. For more information, click here

Does ALBA E-Waste conduct any educational talks and visits for schools?

Yes, we organise educational talks for schools when requested. Please write to us at

I want to place a bin at my organisation, what should I do?

ALBA E-Waste is working with all entities required under the RSA to arrange for collection mechanisms at their premises. If your organisation is not obligated under the RSA and you would like to deploy a bin at your premises, please write to us at

Can I arrange for a one-time collection event at my organisation?

A collection event can be organised on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at for further discussion.

I have confidential information on ICT devices, such as my mobile phones and laptops, what will happen to the data if I recycle it?

We recommend for the public to erase all their data on their data storage device before dropping them off for recycling. From our end, ALBA E-Waste ensures that the E-Waste will be collected, sorted and transported to qualified recyclers. These recyclers have been audited and have specific data sanitisation mechanisms put in place when processing the E-Waste.

All data especially for HDDs are cleared/deleted through a degaussing equipment and later sent for crushing/shredding. During degaussing, the hard drive is rendered inoperable and cannot be reused. As for SSDs, they are sent for puncturing for data destruction. The recycler will maintain records of all data sanitisation processes which are subject to audit.

What happens if I have contaminated and/or damaged e-waste?

Before recycling any contaminated or damaged E-Waste, please ensure that that are placed in secure container or apply relevant preventive measures to avoid further contamination.

Can I recycle my power bank?

Yes ,you can recycle your power bank with us. There are a few options available:

• Via our 3-in-1 Bins (ICT, Bulbs, Battery) - please deposit the item in the middle slot

• Collection events - we organise quarterly collection drives in residential estates, you can bring the power bank down to us during the event. To check out the upcoming events, click here.

• Via over-the-counter services provided by Participating Retailers. Click here to find the names and contact details of the Participating Retailers. Please check in with them to see which outlets provides the relevant services.

Do note that when you are depositing Rechargeable or Lithium-Ion Batteries, please make sure to tape the terminal of the batteries before depositing them into the E-Bin. You may also use plastic wrap to wrap them individually to prevent any contact from terminals of other batteries. If batteries are leaking, please place them in a sealable plastic bag before disposing them.

Can I recycle my cables, wires, keyboards and mouse?

Regulated ICT Equipment and its peripherals can be disposed of together. Examples of peripherals includes Mouse, keyboard, cables and adaptor.

Why can I only redeem points once a day when recycling e-waste?

We would like to prevent the situation where excessive e-waste is being generated and disposed for points, thus we have kept the points redemption to once per day.

Why is the same amount of points assigned for all types of e-waste?

We have kept the points reward to be a flat amount regardless of the weight or type of e-waste as the points on our application are given out as an incentive to encourage recycling as a whole.

Why are some E-Waste regulated and some are not?

These items have been regulated based on their waste generation volumes as well as the potential impact on the environment.