International E-Waste Day Art Competition

Submission Period:
4 Aug 2022 – 30 Sep 2022

In celebration of International E-Waste Day, which falls on 14 October 2022, ALBA E-Waste is coming back with the second round of the International E-Waste Day Art Competition. As the issue of E-Waste is growing in importance, we need to stay informed of the topic and understand what we can do to reduce our environmental impact.

The competition is designed to raise awareness of e-waste recycling and to inculcate a stronger recycling mentality amongst the youths. It is open to all students from Secondary Schools, tertiary institutions and Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.

Students are free to choose one of the 3 themes below to create and submit an art piece. Shortlisted entries will have their artworks displayed in an exhibition and winners can stand to receive attractive prizes.


Theme 1

Extended Producer Responsibility (E-Waste)

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach is where producers bear the responsibility for the collection and treatment of their products when they reach end-of-life. A properly implemented EPR system promotes a healthy partnership between key stakeholders – producers, recyclers, government and public, as everyone can effectively reduce the amount of e-waste they generate. This moves us away from a traditional linear economy, towards a circular economy.

Theme 2

Impacts of E-Waste

E-waste generally would contain toxic substances that pollutes the environment is not treated or disposed improperly. This results in contaminants such as lead, mercury and nickel, being released into the ground, water and air. Local ecosystems, crop production and health of the communities working and living within would be negatively affected.

Theme 3

Zero Waste Nation (E-Waste Edition)

We are working towards becoming a Zero Waste nation by reducing our consumption of materials and reusing and recycling them to give them a second lease of life. How does this look like for electronic waste? How would a Zero Waste Nation address the issue of e-waste? What can you do as an individual, or a community to reduce and recycle your e-waste?

Submission Instructions

Medium accepted

Painting on Canvas: Max Dimensions – A1 size (594mm x 841mm)

Digital Art: Max Dimensions – 1920x1080px (72 dpi)

01. Select one of the three themes to create an artwork
02. Create the artwork with a caption (max: 150 words) to accompany
03. Submit your artwork to the teacher in charge or submit your entry directly here: https://bit.ly/3Js1Y7C
04. You will be notified if your artwork is selected to be featured

By submitting your artwork, the artist would be giving ALBA E-Waste Smart Recycling Pte Ltd full permission to use the artwork submitted for marketing and educational purposes.


Secondary Schools: $300 prize for the winner of each theme and medium
Tertiary Education Institutes, Institute of Higher Learning: $300 prize for the winner of each theme and medium.

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