Doorstep Collection

Request a collection

For a nominal fee, you can contact us and arrange for a doorstep collection. We will send a team down to collect the E-Waste from your premises. Costs will vary depending on the E-Waste.

From residential premises

If you have E-Waste(s) that you would like to dispose of from your residential property, click below to arrange for collection.

From non-residential premises

If you have E-Waste(s) that you would like to dispose of from any commercial/non-residential properties, click below to arrange for collection.

Disposal Guidelines

Before the collection of your E-Waste, please abide by the following guidelines:

• Ensure that the access path to your premises is free from obstruction and blockage

• For collection from premises above or below the ground floor, ensure that there is a lift available

• Disconnect any cables / connections and ensure appliances, fittings or equipment have been switched off

• Empty, properly defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers as ALBA E-Waste is not responsible for the contents placed inside

• Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error as ALBA E-Waste will not be liable in retrieving any parts after completion of the removal of item

• Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or owners are or will be present. In the event where the Requestor is to leave the item unattended, ALBA E-Waste is not liable for the missing item/ any nuisance or incidents upon arrival for collection

• Place the item near/ at your doorstep whenever possible as we are only responsible for collection and will not be able to help with cleaning, disconnecting and transporting the items to the doorstep. In the event when this is not possible, and upon receipt of payment confirmation, the Requestor hereby provide the permission for personnel from ALBA E-Waste to enter the premise to remove the Large Household Appliances and acknowledge that ALBA E-Waste is not liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from failure to discharge these responsibilities, other than by reason of our negligence.