Collection Programmes

Recycle anywhere, everywhere

ALBA E-Waste provides different channels to make it convenient for consumers to recycle their E-Waste, no matter where they are. With its repertoire of collection programmes, recycling becomes convenient, seamless and integrated into the everyday lives of Singaporeans.

If you are looking to recycle your E-Waste and do not know where, we got you covered. To find the programme suitable for you, refer to the below options available.

Collection Channels


E-Bins dedicated to collect the different kinds of E-Waste are situated across Singapore. Click to find the location nearest to you.

Drop-off at
Collection Events

In conjunction with the Town Councils, quarterly collection drives are organized in the estates. Click to check the schedule and the nearest event to you.


For a nominal fee, you can contact us and arrange for a doorstep collection. Costs will vary depending on the E-Waste, click to find out more.

Retailer Take-
Back Scheme

All retailers of regulated consumer products are to provide a one-for-one take-back service of a product for disposal at no cost. Click to check out the participating retailers.

HDB & Condo Bulky Removal Service

For bulky E-Waste, please contact your local town council to arrange for removal. Click to find out the contact information of your town council.


For E-Waste that are not accepted for recycling by ALBA E-Waste, you may bring them to our Cash for Trash programmes. Click here to find out the latest programme near you.