ALBA E-Waste at Clean Up South West! 2022

Clean Up South West! 2022 took place on Sunday, 16 January 2022 at Hillview Community Club with the focus to “Reuse, before  Recycling”.

ALBA E-Waste is proud to take part and share with the members of public on the topic of electronic waste (e-waste). Fons Krist, the General Manager of ALBA E-Waste, conducted an educational talk, bringing the audience through the importance of e-waste recycling, exploring what materials can be recovered through recycling and how everyone has a part to play in the national recycling scheme for e-waste.

The national recycling scheme kicked off in July 2021 and has collected more than 3,000 tonnes of e-waste to date.

In South West CDC alone, ALBA E-Waste has rolled out over 120 E-Waste bins. This includes the  (a) 3-in-1 bin designed to collect ICT equipment, Bulbs and Battery, (b) Bulb & Battery Bin and (c) Battery Only Bin.